Music For Your Chakras

We all have many chakras – spinning wheels of energy. In this music I have worked with the seven main chakras, in particular the sacral chakra. Each chakra vibrates at a frequency. The frequency relates to the notes of the musical scale. The seven main chakras are: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown.
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Sacral Chakra

In this music for your chakras, we hear mostly the frequency of the sacral chakra. Sounds of the other chakras are heard as well, in relation to the sacral chakra. Throughout the music the frequencies interact and come into alignment and harmonise.  Each time you listen to this music, you are encouraging your chakras to spin and align, effortlessly.  Remember, if your sacral chakra isn’t spinning well, you will experience blocked creativity, blocked intimacy and strained relationships. The sacral chakra is said by most to be the colour orange. You can intensify the effect of this music by looking at the colour orange or wearing orange clothing.
How will you know when to stop listening to the music?  You will know. You will have reached the feeling of enoughness, and most likely the feeling of wanting to be creative!
Someone once commented that this music sounds like Enya. Rather like sound track music.
You can of course, listen to the music merely because you like it or it makes you feel good.

The music on this recording is instrumental. Lyrics were created originally. It is a harmonised orchestral string and vocal sound, with an earthy foundation.
Everyone I know who has listened to it has found it beneficial. Hope you enjoy the music!

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