This is an individual program with quality undivided weekly attention
Lots of warm encouragement
I shine at building a supportive environment where children learn!

Enrich your future life & work with understanding patterns,
how to collaborate, attention to detail & more.
When we learn music, we learn mathematics, science,
the arts, history, aesthetics.
And of course it enriches family life or your “me” time.
A piano lovingly played brings a joyful heart into your home

Level 1 – PIANO Lessons & Mentoring

Girl loves her piano

Suitable for age 5 and up
Individual Program with undivided attention
Lots of warm encouragement. We travel at your pace
Establish your practise routine with effective techniques
Learn correct posture at the piano and why it’s important
Experience the basic elements of music as we clap, sing, play and move
Gradually learn to read notes on the stave while you play
Improvise from the beginning – make your own stories at the piano – express feelings while you play

play the music you love

Adults play simple arrangements of most loved classical music and popular songs
Children learn from the Piano Adventures Series mostly. Easy for parents
Adults learn with the Hal Leonard Series mostly
Feel like you are making real music from the beginning – play with quality backing CD
Music books available for purchase here
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Level 2 – PIANO Lessons & Mentoring

Playing piano

Sight read more fluently and listen more astutely
Deepen your practise routine. Expand practice techniques
Build your repertoire – be able to play more interesting music
Build your self-care – be able to play more beautiful heartfelt music
Understand and therefore enjoy the music more
Play the music you love – classical. folk. pop. ballads
At the beginning of the year and each term we set your goals
At the end of each term and the year we review your progress
Music books available for purchase
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