Flute Lessons from Age 7 to Adults

Northern Beaches Girl with her flutePlay FLUTE in the Band

* Suitable for beginner to more advanced players
* Learn to read music fluently with correct notes & rhythm
* Individual attention with lots of warm encouragement
* Includes basic music theory
* Piano accompaniment on real piano each lesson
* Includes general knowledge and aural (listening) development
* Learn to sight read proficiently
* Interested?

Flute Playing for Adults

Perhaps you would like to play the flute to improve your work life balance, or
manage stress better or just because you’ve always wanted to.
These lessons are customised to your individual needs whether it’s to continue on from where you left off as a teenager, or you are a complete beginner
in your 50’s or more, or you want to challenge yourself to achieve an
exam result. You learn to play the music you love, at your pace with
your level of challenge. 30mins or 60mins lessons once a week or more.
Your choice.

Pamela shows me how to understand the music

Music may guide you to your heart’s wisdom