How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

SELF-CARE for MUSICIANS…10 Ways to Love Yourself

SELF-CARE for MUSICIANS…. 10 Ways To Love Yourself    

Most if not all amateur musicians struggle with self-love. It makes quite a difference to your experience of being a musician. If you can gradually bring in these… Continue reading

My Piano Philosophy


Playing the piano brings a wide palette of colours for your creative expression!


My Piano Philosophy has evolved over many years of playing and then teaching the piano. Actually, I began playing the piano as a little girl… Continue reading

10 Ways to Be Happier about your Music Practise

1. Accept that there will always be distractions. In fact, expect them and be prepared. Know what your priorties are. If you keep allowing yourself to be distracted, you won’t progress and therefore become discouraged. Keeping a little notebook beside… Continue reading

5 Ways Learning Music Benefits Children

It will boost their brain power Want to give your child a mental advantage? Music can do that. Many studies show children who learn a musical instrument achiever higher academic results.

It improves memory Inherent in the learning of music… Continue reading

Measure by Seeds Planted

Don’t judge each day by the mistakes you made. If you are looking for excellence in your music or creative work practice, this is a worthy goal, but if it means you are berating yourself for mistakes, it isn’t working… Continue reading

Fun & Love & Being Fully Alive

In this video, Esther Hicks talks about the meaning of life. It’s not what you most likely think. It’s about fun and love and being fully alive. When we make music we love we are attuned with the universal energies. Listen on…


Music for Children. Musica Viva do such great work


Purgatory of the Practise Room

Naturally, I hear many stories from adults about their experience of learning music. Sometimes, these stories are sad and sometimes rather disturbing. It happened again this week. They were carted off every week. The look on their face, their body… Continue reading

Music To Listen To

Do you like to listen to music to relax? I have just uploaded some music I wrote and recorded ‘We Are The Earth’.  It’s an instrumental work designed to engage and align your chakras.

Is it time for a Christmas gift for yourself?