How to Achieve Your Musical Dream – Part 2


A want meter is where you imagine a sliding scale or a barometer with
O (zero) meaning you don’t want it at all. In fact you don’t want anything to do with it!
10(ten)  is you absolutely want it. There is no doubt. You would do a LOT to have it or experience it.
Now you ask yourself where you are between O and 10 in your desire to achieve your current dream, OR, do you need to change it to make it more alive and exciting and bring it up to a 10??

*What is it YOU truly want? Does it make you want to get to it right now?  Is it exciting?

*Why do you want it?

*How much do you want it? Where is it between O and 10?

*Do you need to tweak it to make it ‘bing’

*Regularly remind yourself of your goal

*Vision yourself doing, being, having, feeling what it will be like when you have achieved your dream. Include the five senses in your vision


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