Music Tuition

Every week your child comes to the same teacher who consistently affirms them, identifies skills abilities strengths weaknesses, and grows to know and understand them. It’s much more than just a music lesson. Classroom teachers change

If your child is a little dreamy and creative – loves gazing out windows at school, drawing and reading books or tinkering on a piano – and you are despairing for their future –  I can help. A true gift and talent is just waiting to be discovered! I have experience in guiding to bring out the best in them. After all, that was me all those years ago!

Pride & Pleasure
I shine at creating gentle playful rapport with children. For you, this means they feel safe and nurtured and heard. They have my full attention for thirty minutes every week. In this environment, they have the best opportunity to grow and learn

We work together to help your child thrive. Simple as that

“Alexa skips out of her lessons with you” Monique